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Selecta Training’s

Paid Internship Program

Selecta Training is a project of a UK-based digital marketing agency, Selecta Sol. As our training is completed, we offer a 3 month paid internship in Selecta Sol to our outstanding students after a short assessment. Selecta training is an amazing platform for those who want to learn new skills and join a new career or whether polish their existing one. This program can help learners in securing better jobs in their respective industry, start freelancing, or start their own business. We run a unique program where we help and support our students to become experts. After completing internship at Selecta Sol, you’ll be able to secure a better job in your chosen industry. Several students trained by Selecta training are enjoying a better life. If you want to be one of them feel free to contact us.

Internship opportunities with Selecta Training

Selecta Training does not only provide the most advanced digital training but we also offer paid internships to our bright and outstanding students. The duration of internship is 3 months. In this internship program, you can get a better experience of industry. Moreover, you can also learn ethics to work in professional environments. With this internship program, you can not only polish your skills but also start earning right after your training. People who are interested in doing internships are welcome to join our courses. Enroll in our training programs, work hard, outshine your batchmates, and you can avail a paid internship opportunity after your course completion at Selecta Training.
Internship Opportunities
Why Choose Us

Why choose Selecta training?

Our mission is to provide a creative environment to those who are eager to learn. With our team of professional trainers you’ll develop new technical skills. We have internships available for every course. So if you want to be a part of Selecta training internship program, feel free to contact us and start your professional journey right away.

As mentioned above we provide you an excellent platform in your chosen field of profession.

With Selecta Training, you will:

  • Gain wealth of practical knowledge
  • Improve your technical skills
  • Learn to deal with different situations in professional life
  • Get a chance to learn about the ethics of working professionally, how companies work, and what kind of environment a company has.
  • Connect with professionals of your field and can learn from them
  • Build your portfolio to secure handsome jobs in future.
  • Can even start your freelancing career.