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Home » Best SEO Course for Beginners in Lahore | Complete Guide 2021

Best SEO Course for Beginners in Lahore | Complete Guide 2021

Best SEO Course for Beginners in Lahore | Complete Guide 2021

A selection of the best online SEO courses in Lahore from well-known and recommendations is on where and how to practice SEO-promotion? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a methodology that aims to crawl, index, and rank every page of a website as high as possible in organic (unpaid) search engine results.      

The SEO is the art of getting site and content to appear on the first page of Google. SEO is a lucrative job in and of itself and a set of skills that every internet marketer should have. Whether you are marketing or a business owner, you’ve probably heard the term SEO. Search engine rankings can be essential factors in promoting a business in the digital age.

SEO course in Lahore

Why is SEO Training important?

It doesn’t matter if you run a business or promote an information resource; more site visitors usually mean more money. Without knowing advanced SEO techniques, it is almost impossible to get to the top positions in Google search results. This is a big mistake for a business in the digital age because it deprives it of new customers or buyers’ attention.

SEO training in Lahore also provides a massive benefit to anyone working in a digital environment, regardless of experience or position. The demand for search engine optimization specialists has grown dramatically in recent years, and the right specialists can earn hundreds of thousands of rubles a month.

What to Consider When Choosing an SEO Course in Lahore?

  • Duration of the course. Decide how much time you are willing to spend learning. There are short tutorials or video tutorials on SEO course in Lahore that teach the basics, and there are courses for up to a year, with practice on a real project and with homework.
  • Desired skills. What are the goals of learning SEO course? Do you want to make your local business website more noticeable to get more clients, or do you want to master general search engine promotion skills, what to use in your work? Do you want to promote your projects to make money on advertising and affiliate programs or commercial sites where the goal is to attract customers? Courses can range from niche to more general and advanced, so study the course program carefully.
  • Format. Are you ready to study on your own, or do you need feedback and communication with other students? In the first case, you can buy videos of ready-made SEO lessons and start studying at your own pace; in the second, you need to look for group classes and complete assignments with the rest of the students.

Many people still don’t know what SEO course in Lahore is and how it can help a business. SEO is about working with organic search results and plays a massive role in promoting your business.

In general terms, it’s about understanding what people are looking for on the Internet, what words they use, and what types of content they like. Once you know what they are looking for, you can create a sales funnel for users to go through and make a purchase.

Why is SEO important?

Customers can be directed to the funnel in various ways, including contextual advertising, social media, blogger ads, and other sources. However, organic results make up the majority of search results. They get the most clicks on SERPs, even more than PPC ads that sit above organic search results.

SEO course in Pakistan provides businesses with the audience reach they need to attract customers. As long as you target topics with consistent interest from your target audience, SEO is the most consistent method of generating traffic.

Google wide range of factors is into account when determining a site’s search engine ranking. Remember that search engines’ goal is to try and find content that best matches a user’s query. If your website manages to make relevant inquiries related to your business, that’s a huge win.

71.33% of Google searches resulted in organic clicks on the first page of search results. The second and third pages only get 5.59%. These statistics once again highlight the importance of incorporating SEO optimization into a business’s marketing strategy.

Having a website that doesn’t receive any traffic is pointless. SEO has many benefits to help your site grow:

  • Better user experience;
  • The primary source of potential customers;
  • Higher conversion rates;
  • Increasing brand awareness;
  • Effective budget management;
  • Assists in the competition.

SEO will help you create a fast and user-friendly website that meets the requirements of Google. Next, we will analyze, in contrast between “black” and “white” SEO, how to check your site’s status and how to optimize the site for search engines.

Black and white SEO

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If you want to get quick SEO promotion results, you will probably resort to using techniques that are classified as “black hat SEO.”

Black SEO includes techniques that violate search engine recommendations. Such methods can ultimately lead to sanctions in the search engines, which mean lower positions and traffic.

Google has a great guide to improve the sites. These guides contain specific rules that must be followed. If a site violates one or more of these rules, Google may impose sanctions on them. After fixing the problems, you can submit the site for re-check.

White SEO is the exact opposite of black. It includes the use of optimization strategies that are consistent with the recommendations of Google. The only way to get long-term results without the risk of sanctions is to use white promotion methods.

SEO site audit

To find out what’s wrong with a website, you can start with an SEO audit. Site audit before optimization allows you to assess the current state of the site and identify priority tasks.

Using advanced solutions like SEMrush or NetPeak Spider will allow you to crawl up to tens of thousands of website pages and identify problems hindering your search engine rankings. These issues include broken links, duplicate pages, missing Meta tags, and more. A good audit will consist of an analysis of several sections of the site:

  • Organic traffic volume;
  • Semantic core analysis;
  • Technical condition of the site;
  • Analysis of structured data and markup;
  • Internal website optimization;
  • Page loading speed;
  • Content analysis;
  • Link profile analysis;
  • Analysis of competitors.

Now your site has been tested for compliance with the main Google algorithms, quality recommendations and also received a list of problems that need to be fixed. You can proceed to the next stage.

SEO training in Lahore

Competitor analysis

Before you start collecting keywords, it’s essential to analyze your competitors. This is essential for developing an effective strategy.

Identify your competitors. Look for sites that sell the same products or services as you and consider them. When you have a list of several competitors, check what keywords they are using for their site. Make a list of keywords your competitors are using for SEO optimization. You can find out about them from page titles, text, but it is best to use special services.

Find out where your competitors are getting backlinks from. Analyze the list of incoming links and see if you can get links to your site from the same resources. For example, if you find an article with the top 10 online stores of your subject, you can contact the site administrator and ask to include your store in his selection. Also, ask for a link when someone mentions your brand. But it’s worth making sure that the link sites are of sufficient quality since links from low-quality sites can do more harm than good.

Now that you know ​​what your competitors are doing, you can start building your semantic core. When optimizing pages, it is essential to consider keywords with reasonable frequency, relevance, and competition level.

SEO training in Pakistan

Selection of key queries

It suggests new keywords and predicted search volume for them. If you have a regional business, you can find out the search for a query of interest specifically in your region. You can also check the frequency by device and seasonal traffic changes.

Let’s say you are promoting an online store of branded shoes in Moscow, and you want to collect a list of keywords for SEO. You will manage different requests for different types of pages. The main thing is to understand users’ intent and offer the right landing page for the right keyword.

Remember, different keywords have different levels of competition. In other words, for some queries, it will be easier to raise the site to the top; for others, it will be more difficult.

For example, for the home page, the queries are “online shoe store,” for the Nike shoe section – “buy Nike men’s shoes,” and for a specific product, use the name of a particular model – for example, “Nike Air Max 90 Essential Black”.

Competition can be assessed in different ways. You can write an article on this topic, so for now, we will write one of the simplest ways to determine competition. Keys can be checked one at a time or in bulk. The lower the competition (preferably up to 10-15), the easier it will be to promote the page to the top.


After we discussed the importance of following the recommendations of Google and touched upon the semantic core topic, it’s time to talk about content. Google is much smarter than they were 15-20 years ago. Of course, you should still use keywords in your content, but overusing keywords will only hurt, not improve, your site’s rankings.

The content is one of the most important ranking factors in Google. But this does not mean that you need a lot of content. Google demands high-quality content. While search engines don’t provide specific instructions for creating such content, there are a few time-tested techniques that we share below:

  • Check the occurrences of keywords in the texts. As mentioned above, too many keywords hinder search engine optimization. Make sure you only use keywords perfect for this page and those that fit organically into the text.
  • Do more and better than your competitors. If competitors are creating “Top 20 Best” lists, then you should create a “Top 50 Best” It can be time-consuming, but you have to force yourself. Think of it in terms of search engines – if someone has better quality content on the first line of search results for years, something special is needed to get it out of there.
  • Update content regularly as needed. Search engine algorithms are continually changing and updating, and page rank can drop. Going back to old pages and editing text, links, adding images or videos, or another kind of content is worth going back to old pages. This will help you rank higher, and your visitors will find the material more relevant.

Another secret to creating good search engine optimized content is to create different types of content. Blog articles, ebooks, infographics, or videos are great ways to create compelling content. It takes time and money to make different kinds of content, but it pays off with the right approach.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is about optimizing individual web pages for higher rankings and getting relevant traffic from search engines. There are many on-page ranking factors, including:

Behavioral factors

One of the most parts of SEO optimization is the user experience. High positions are not everything; you can attract a million people to your site, but if it is not correctly optimized for the user, it will hit your bottom line.

A good user experience can be understood in different ways. Still, there are some necessary conditions: the site is easy to navigate, there are no annoying pop-ups and automatic playback of video and audio, correct display of content on all devices, fast loading of the site, and much more. If you’re optimizing your online store, we recommend reading our article UX for Online Stores: How to Create a Better User Experience.

Learn SEO in Lahore

Title optimization (title tag)

The title tag is the title of the entire page. The content of this tag affects rankings and appears in a snippet in search results. Try to make the page short (up to 60-65 characters), relevant to the content, with the entry of the critical request for which you want to promote this page to the top and unique within your site.      

Page URL

The keywords in the URL are a ranking factor. It is also preferable to create short URLs – this is useful for people who want to copy and paste the URL on social media or in an email.

Ensure that there are no different URLs that link to the same or very similar content, as duplicate content negatively affects SEO. Use canonical URLs to avoid exact adverse effects.

Internal linking

Internal links are links within a site that link to other pages within the same site. The purpose of these links is to redirect people from one page of your site to another. These links are essential for SEO and user experience, so make sure they all work correctly and lead to the correct pages. If anyone clicks on a link but doesn’t land on the desired page due to broken links, they’ll leave and most likely won’t return.

Think over the structure of the site. Imagine that the site is a pyramid with the main page at the top, categories below it, and then the product, service, or article pages. Ensure the structure is logical and clear to the user – this is extremely important for usability and ranking in SERPs.

SEO training in Pakistan

Optimizing images

Image optimization aims to find a balance between file size and image quality for fast website loading without sacrificing image clarity. Not only is this convenient for users, but both Google prefers speedier website loading. Besides, loading speed affects the conversion rate, so with a slow site, not only positions fall, but also income from those users who do get to your site.

Unique description tags

The Meta description tag is the description under the heading on the SERP. It can be of any length, but the SERP snippet displays approximately 160 characters, so try not to exceed this length. Think of this tag as an ad – users read this description, and if they like it, they go to the site.

The Meta description tag’s attractiveness determines the clickability of the link in the search results, which, in turn, affects the position of the site, so do not neglect it.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is a set of off-site measures to improve your search engine rankings. These include link building (getting backlinks from other sites), crowd marketing, content marketing, working with bloggers, etc. In simple terms, Off-Page SEO helps search engines understand what others think of your site or product. 

Link building

Getting backlinks is one of the most common and effective off-page optimization methods. Search engines use backlinks as a signal of content quality and site authority, which is why sites with a lot of quality backlinks rank higher in search results.

How do I get backlinks? There are several ways:

  • Buy on the exchange or contact the site owner and agree to place a link for a monetary reward. This method is contrary to the recommendations of Google, so we do not recommend doing this. Nevertheless, this is one of the most popular link building methods on the Russian Internet.
  • Create them yourself. These can be links from forums where content is created by users or guest blog posts, that is, an article written specifically for another site with a link to your site or directories, reference books, and ratings, where you can add a site yourself. But do not forget that links from low-quality sites can harm the position of the site. If anyone can post a link to the site, there are probably already many of them there, and there will be no benefit from such a connection.
  • Naturally, when other Internet users and site owners voluntarily link to a site because the content is high-quality or want to recommend your products or services.
  • Agree with site owners to link to your site or ask users to recommend you. For example, you propose to supplement an article on someone else’s site with expert opinion, and in return, the site owner mentions you and your site.

Local SEO optimization

Local SEO refers to optimizing a website to attract potential customers from nearby areas. You can start local promotion by adding a site to a Google map. How to do this is described in this article. Google understands local queries well, for example, “restaurants near me,” and in response, they take companies out of the Google reference books. This is a great opportunity even for a young website to get its first visitors and customers.

Fill out your profiles in as much detail as possible – add a work schedule, contact details, photos, services, prices, a link to the site, and ask customers to leave feedback about you. With the right approach, Google Map will provide you with a steady stream of customers, and all this is free.

SEO courses in Lahore

Webmaster Tools

Add your site to Webmaster and Google Search Console to analyze the site’s technical aspects, get statistics on key queries that users find you, track the emergence of new backlinks, and much more.

For more complete statistics on the site and analysis of visitors, add Google Analytics to the site. For more information on what it is and what advantages Google Analytics provides, see the article Google Analytics for an online store: a guide for beginners.

Final Thoughts:

We hope you enjoyed our SEO course basics guide.

SEO is a complex topic, but considering the amount of traffic and revenue it can generate for your business, it is well worth the time and effort. Start your optimization with the basics – make sure your site is crawlable, start publishing quality content optimized for keywords, and start link building. If you want learn freelancing course in Lahore then come to the join the institute for best training provide you and work with particle in Pakistan. This will already be enough to get the first results. If you need help, please contact our specialists. Just taking an SEO course in Lahore reading a book will not be enough to learn search engine optimization. Only in practice will you begin to understand how to apply or other techniques.

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