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Most people believe that emails are no longer useful but that is not true, they still play a vital role in marketing your business. And Selecta Training is here to provide you the top-notched email marketing training to boost up your career as an email marketing expert. After learning email marketing, you can generate high quality leads for you or for your clients.
Email Marketing Course

Key Features

Live Projects Working

Online/Offline Classes

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The Demand For Email Marketers

There are several openings in the sector of email marketing. There are several businesses trying to hire capable, interesting, and motivated individuals who are prepared to handle their email marketing needs. 91% of internet users check their email daily, compared to just 57% and 14%, who do the same for Facebook and Twitter. This indicates that, compared to social media, email marketing is substantially more effective at getting users’ attention. The continuous need for email marketing is further supported by ROI and click-through engagement figures, even as consumers’ concerns about privacy grow. Despite the hype surrounding social media, statistics show that this industry is still expanding, and more and more businesses are searching for qualified marketers to join their teams.

Email Marketing Course—An Overview

Email marketing comprises the targeting of your audience and customers through emails. It is one of the strongest ways to boost conversions and revenue by providing your email subscribers and customers with valuable and necessary information to help them solve their problems. Selecta Training, a project of a UK-based digital marketing and SEO agency, Selecta Sol, provides the best email marketing course to devoted students. During this course, we will teach you to write enthralling email content, analyze and test given data, HTML and CSS usage, communication and much more. You will practice on live email campaigns while we will work on your learning habit. We assure you that once you practice what we train you for, a bright future awaits you in this digital world.

Email Marketing Course Highlights

  • Describing Email Marketing.
  • When to Do Email Marketing?
  • Factors Determining Email Marketing Campaign’s Success
  • Privacy Protection Act
  • Confirming Your Authorization
  • Planning the Strategy
  • Using a Timetable
  • Setting Sensible Objectives
  • Email Templates Designing
  • Testing Email Templates
  • Understanding the Audience
  • Attempting to Draw in New Clients
  • Generating Different Emails for Different Types of Client
  • Cutting Down on The “Spam Factor”
  • Including Pictures and Video
  • Recognizing the Needs of the Audience
  • Facilitating Client Response and Website Access
  • A Subject’s Significance the Advantages of Employing Email Analytics
  • Find Out More About Your Clients
  • Learn How to Enhance Your Marketing Initiatives.

Email Marketing Course Module

  • Email Marketing-An Introduction
  • Developing a Contact Management And Segmentation Strategy
  • Writing an Effective Email
  • Sending the Right Email
  • Getting to Know Email Deliverability
  • Outlining Your Marketing Emails’ Design
  • E-Mail Marketing Analysis
  • A/B Testing of Emails
  • Creating Connections with Lead Nurturing
  • Developing Freelancing Skills

Why choose us for the email marketing course in Pakistan?

Seasoned coaches

Selecta Training hired trained digital marketers, having years of expertise in email marketing. They will help you to use various tactics and work to enhance your creativity so you can devise your own strategies too. They’ll also train you to write such emails which receivers find reliable. Moreover, they’re expert freelancers and will also train you to be one. We’ve hired dedicated trainers. They’ll guide you in every step and help you to achieve your professional goals.

3-Month Internship Program

For exceptional students, we’ll provide a 3-month internship program as the course is completed. Selecta Sol will offer you the chance to work as an intern there to improve your skills further if you do well in the course. We will also allow you to become our regular employee. If you want, you will have to pass a simple exam and an interview. Based on your performance in the test and internship, you’ll be employed at Selecta Sol.

Working on Live Projects

You will have the chance to work on real projects after joining our pro email marketing course. It will give you a thorough understanding of how expert email marketers assist startups in building brands. It will also give you a chance to increase your exposure in the modern digital world. Moreover, it also improves your group participation and teamwork skills. Selecta Training will ensure you become the best among the bests when you pass out from the training.

Online/Physical Classes

We understand that many students cannot attend the classes physically. For such students, we’ll arrange online sessions, so they can attend their lectures from their homes. Moreover, we create a WhatsApp group for every batch. Your trainers will be there and will be available to answer all of your queries. Apart from that, we’ll also provide the recorded lecture of the session in the group. In case you miss your live classes, you can see the video later and then ask your questions in the WhatsApp group.


You will be given a hard and soft copy of an internationally recognized certificate once you have finished your email marketing course at Selecta Training. The certificate will be delivered to your given address via post from the UK. This certificate will be a fantastic add-up in your professional profile. Then, you can either post them to your freelance page or use them in your CV when applying for jobs.

Reasonable Prices

Selecta Sol, founded in the UK and known for its top-notch services for ten years, presents Selecta Training, the best IT training center in Pakistan. We are dedicated to imparting our knowledge to you despite being aware of contemporary digital marketing tactics. Our mission is to empower Pakistani young by offering them the best IT and marketing training at the most affordable prices. We will assist you through every step and make sure you have the skills necessary to create your own marketing strategy.
Regardless of prior experience or educational background, Selecta Training is a respected email marketing training center offering advanced marketing courses. This course is perfect for anyone who owns a business and wants to raise his brand awareness, is a freelancer and wants to expand his skills, has a job and wants to establish a side business or is a student and wants to cover his small expenses on his own. Regardless of who you are, enroll yourself in this marketing skill and advance your professional email marketing specialist career.
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Freelancer
  • Sr. Email Marketer
  • Jr. Email Marketer

You can get info about the enrollment procedure by giving us a call at the number 0302-0007418 or getting in touch with us via email at [email protected]. Moreover, you can also be in que by filling in the form given below, and our managers will contact you by themselves.

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    We have designed the Fee structure of the Digital Marketing Training so that everyone can participate. Whether you are a student, on the job or an entrepreneur, you can avail of Digital Marketing Training at a nominal rate that is way cheaper than the other institutes.

    Awarding Institution: Selecta Training

    Training Institution: Selecta Training

    Course Code: WA-01

    Course Language: English

    Notes:  This training program adheres to provide quality digital marketing training to the young talent

    Program Awards

    Businesses can update their clients’ contact lists about new products, sales, and other information using email marketing, a direct marketing method. The majority of organizations’ total inbound strategy depends on it because of its strong ROI.

    This email marketing course will offer insights into the definition of email marketing, how to set up an email marketing plan, and how to best create, test, send, and report emails. The user journey is discussed throughout the course as to why knowing your target is crucial for effective email marketing.

    Need help determining the most compelling topic lines? To increase open email rates, the email marketing course will educate you on which terms to avoid using in the subject line and other helpful advice.

    So, are you ready to have the most advanced email marketing training in Pakistan? Register now!

    Learning Outcomes
    • Become an expert in email marketing principles.
    • Apply what you learn with the email marketing tool from Selecta Training.
    • Learn one of the most in-demand talents in digital marketing as an investment in your future and your current position.
    Email Marketing Training Module

    Understanding Email Marketing

    • What is email marketing
    • Types of emails
    1. Promotional emails
    2. Informational emails
    3. Newsletters
    • Why emails are important
    • What is the conversion rate of emails


    Developing a contact management and segmentation strategy

    • Why are segmentation and contact management so crucial?
    • How is a segmentation strategy created?
    • What are contact details crucial for your company to record?
    • What looks like a segmentation strategy?

    Sending the right email

    • Why is it crucial to send the proper email?
    • What is the best way to send an email?
    • How does email appear during the purchasing process?
    • What does an effective email look like to send?

    Creating Highly Performing Emails

    • Why emphasize emails that perform well?
    • How can you write an email that performs well?
    • What design works best for an effective email?
    • What characteristics mark high-performing emails?

    How to deliver emails?

    • The importance of email deliverability
    • How can you take charge of your company’s email deliverability strategy?
    • How frequently should emails be sent?
    • How does email deliverability seem in use?

    Email Designing

    • Why is it crucial to pay attention to email design?
    • What guidelines do you use for your marketing emails’ layout?
    • What kinds of email designs are available?
    • Your top email design advice

    Analyzing your marketing campaign

    • Why is it crucial to analyze your marketing emails?
    • How are your marketing emails analyzed?
    • What email metric are you trying to raise?
    • What does an examination of email marketing look like?

    Testing the Emails

    • Why is it necessary to test your marketing emails?
    • How should your marketing emails be tested?
    • What steps would you take to carry out an email experiment?
    • How does a test of email marketing look?


    • What is Freelancing?
    • How does it work?
    • Advantages of being a freelancer
    • Platforms for freelancing
    1. Fiverr
    2. Upwork



    of students agreed staff were good at explaining things.

    What our students say

    Students Stories

    Abid Email Marketing Training Course

    If you want to learn email marketing, there is no institute better than selecta training. They will guide you from A to Z and will assist you in everything.

    Sheroz Email Marketing Training Course

    I would recommend selecta training to learn any digital course. I learn email marketing from here. The trainers also provided me freelancing training and i am making a good living as freelance email copywriter and marketing expert.

    Sara Email Marketing Training Course

    If you wanna be the best, you need the best mentor and selecta training has the best of all times trainers. I learnt email marketing and they guided me in every problem. Now, i am selling my skills as a full time freelancer.

    Mohsin Email Marketing Training Course

    If you want to be an expert email marketer, i would suggest to enroll in selecta training email marketing course. They will tell you everything about everything. They will also tell you freelancing skills and you can pursue your career as one.

    Numan Email Marketing Training Course

    To learn any digital skill, i would prescribe selecta training. Their trainers are expert in every type of marketing and freelancing. You can learn anything from them.

    Nosheen Email Marketing Training Course

    For those who want to learn marketing, selecta training is the best option for them. You can find many professional friends and increase your technical skills as well. It is undoubtedly the best experience of my professional life at selecta training.

      Selecta Training
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