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Register now for web analytics, one of the most demanding and lucrative skills in the world. Web or Google analytics are highly important for checking the number of visitors, which platform they use to visit your website, how much time they spend on the website, and lastly, how many visitors convert into customers. Web analytics helps brands make proper decisions, and, thus, as a web analytics specialist, you can help them with that.
Web Analytics Course

Key Features

Live Projects Working

Online/Offline Classes

Working With Advanced Tools

Expert Trainers

Affordable Training


Paid Internship Program

The Demand For Web Analytics

There are a lot of prospective clients there if you’re a budding analytics specialist trying to supplement your income. Web analytics professionals are in higher demand than ever. Businesses want assistance with creating, maintaining, and comprehending their analytics accounts. Web analysts are in high demand, implying many career prospects and high salaries. The work is also quite intriguing and challenging, and there is supposed to be an excellent work-life balance. The average annual compensation for web analysts is $69,919, and there is significant room for development in the years to come. A job as a web analyst might be ideal for you if you are interested in data analytics and desire a job with excellent job security. So, are you ready to be a web analyst? Apply now for Selecta Training’s web analytics training in Lahore.

Google Analytics Course—An Overview

Selecta Training, a project of the UK-based company Selecta Sol, presents you with the most advanced Web or Google analytics courses in Pakistan. Throughout this course, we will work on the development of different analytical skills, like data visualization, business acumen, traffic drivers, website dynamics, Google Analytics, the Statistical Analysis System, and much more. You will have a chance to work on live projects to get a better understanding of field work. We will also offer you a three month internship, and if you perform well in the internship, we will offer you a job at the company too.

Web Analytics Training Module

  • Overview of Web Analytics
  • The basics of web analytics
  • Business Viewpoint
  • Fundamentals of Data Analysis
  • Analytical Management
  • Onboarding & Conversions
  • Retention and Growth
  • Freelancing Training


  • Understanding the importance of business analytics 
  • Discovering the power of analysis in business 
  • Learning the use of Google Analytics 
  • Exploring different types of analytics and their importance Reviewing the processes, including objectives and outcomes 
  • Defining segmentation and benchmarking. 
  • Exploring steps to creating a measurement plan 
  • Applying analytics by working on live projects 
  • Learning basic freelancing skills 
  • Writing a winning job proposal
  • Devising bidding strategy

Why Choose Us for Web Analytics Training in Pakistan?

Experienced Coaches

We hire professional web analysts with ten years of experience in online analytics at Selecta Training. They are committed to their work and are available to assist you at any time during the course.

Practice on Live Projects

You will have the chance to work on real projects after enrolling in our professional data analyst course. It will enable you to understand how expert website analysts assist startups in becoming household names.

Online Classes

We set up online classes for students who, for any reason, are unable to attend physical classes. Furthermore, we create a WhatsApp group for every batch, and the video recording of the class is provided there. Moreover, you can also discuss any query in the group chat regarding the lecture.


By the end of the course, we will deliver you internationally recognized certificates from the UK. We will also provide you with its soft form. You can then use it while applying for the job, on your freelancing profile, or even start your own business.

Affordable Fees

We offer the most advanced web analytics training at the most competitive prices because we know Pakistan’s current economic situation. You will work on actual projects, have professional mentors, and earn qualifications that are recognized all over the world.

Paid Internship Program

For exceptional students, we provide a 3-month paid internship program after the course. Selecta Training will allow you to work as an intern at Selecta Sol to further improve your skills if you do well in the course.

You will have the opportunity to work as a paid employee at Selecta Sol. For this, you have to pass a simple screening test and an interview. Based on your test, interview, and performance, we’ll take you on as our regular employee.

Eligibility criteria:

Selecta Training is a reputable web analytics training institution in Lahore that offers advanced courses to everyone, regardless of prior experience or educational background.

Anyone who wants to start a career as a digital marketing professional. There are no set educational prerequisites. However, you must be at least 16 years old and familiar with the fundamentals of computer technology.

Regardless of prior experience or educational background, Selecta Training is a respected email marketing training center offering advanced marketing courses. This course is perfect for anyone who owns a business and wants to raise his brand awareness, is a freelancer and wants to expand his skills, has a job and wants to establish a side business or is a student and wants to cover his small expenses on his own. Regardless of who you are, enroll yourself in this marketing skill and advance your professional email marketing specialist career.
  • Financial Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Freelancer

You can get info about the enrollment procedure by giving us a call at the number 0302-0007418 or getting in touch with us via email at [email protected]. Moreover, you can also be in que by filling in the form given below, and our managers will contact you by themselves.

    Please prove you are human by selecting the Plane.

    We have designed the Fee structure of the Digital Marketing Training so that everyone can participate. Whether you are a student, on the job or an entrepreneur, you can avail of Digital Marketing Training at a nominal rate that is way cheaper than the other institutes.

    Program Specifications

    Awarding Institution: Selecta Training

    Training Institution: Selecta Training

    Course Code: WA-01

    Course Language: English

    Notes:  This training program adheres to provide quality digital marketing training to the young talent

    Program Awards
    Overview of Web Analytics:

    Website and online application usage data are gathered, measured, analyzed, and reported on using the technology and process known as web analytics. Since the creation of the World Wide Web, web analytics has expanded. It has developed from a straightforward HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) traffic recording feature to a more full-featured suite of usage data tracking, analysis, and reporting.

    Website visitor behavior is investigated via web analytics. Using Google Analytics, this module monitors and examines the behavior of website visitors.

    Learning Outcomes:

    In classes, you will learn about the entire Google Analytics interface and become acquainted with:

    • Bounce rate, page view, session time, and other such concepts.
    • To evaluate audience, behavior, and acquisition data for websites
    • Learn the best practices for using Google Analytics.
    • How to follow a website visitor through the conversion funnel and what information can be gleaned from it.
    • Get a thorough understanding of the procedures and methods a junior or associate data analyst employs on a daily basis.
    • Learn the fundamental tools and techniques for analysis
    • Know how to prepare data for analysis, organize it for analysis, and perform computations using spreadsheets, SQL, and R programming.
    • learn how to display and communicate data results through dashboards, presentations, and regularly used visualization tools.
    Basics of web analytics:

    The most popular web-based apps that offer web analytics include the well-known Google Analytics, which lets you view the performance of your website through actual, concrete data.

    Basics of web analytics includes,

    • Total Traffic and source of traffic
    • Measurement
    • Bounce Rates and exit Rates
    • Useable Data
    • Goals, KPIs, and Conversions for Business
    • Meaningful collection and Benchmark.
    Web analytics with business point of view:
    • Useful information about consumer behavior is provided by it.
    • information about how much traffic a website has received over time.
    • You can use it to assess the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.
    • How to assist in figuring out how to improve the efficiency of your website.\
    • approach to gauge how well your company’s objectives were achieved
    Fundamental of Data Analysis:

    Data analytics demonstrate how customers interact with your company across platforms.

    During this course you will learn mainly 

    • Use of Excel for daily tasks.
    • Create pivot tables, charts, and use complex Excel functions like vlookup and t-test
    • Recognize fundamental data distribution and describe underlying patterns
    • such as median, quantiles, and percentiles
    • Execute SQL queries and thoroughly investigate the data.
    • Create a visualization in PowerBI and present their data results
    Analytical Management

    By utilizing sophisticated quantitative and statistical methods, analytics management enables firms to address a wide range of issues and maximize the value of data.

    You will learn,

    • Analytics management for Online sales.
    • Analytics management for Enterprise Data.
    • Analytics management for data mining.
    Conversion and Onboarding:

    In this particular mode of training you will have a deep insight of:

    • The conversion funnel
    • Trial-and-error and instruction
    • Possible conversions
    • Attributions
    • Test your knowledge
    Freelancing Training:

    At this point of training we will teach you how to cash your skills as a freelancer.

    You will learn:

    • What is Freelancing?
    • How does it work?
    • Advantages of being a freelancer
    • Platforms for freelancing
    1. Fiverr
    2. Upwork


    of students agreed staff were good at explaining things.

    What our students say

    Students Stories

    Sheroz Web Analytics Training Course

    It was really a good experience at selecta training. I made new friends and it gave me a chance to increase my exposure. I also enjoyed learning web analytics.

    Shahrukh Web Analytics Training Course

    It was a good decision to learn web analytics from selecta training. I was just a beginner in this field but selecta training helped me improving my skills. I was offered internship at selecta sol. Now I provide my services as a freelancer.

    Shah Naaz
    Shah Naaz Web Analytics Training Course

    The best training program without a doubt. The trainers are good, the staff is cooperative and the thing which i liked the most is they offer paid internships to their outstanding students.

    Shafiq Web Analytics Training Course

    If you want to have the best digital training, i would strongly recommend selecta training. I learnt web analytics and it was really a good experience.

    Sehrish Web Analytics Training Course

    I joined selecta training to learn web analytics and i didn’t regret. This was the best decision of my life as i got a chance to improve my technical skills and i also made some professional friends. It really helped me in my freelancing career.

    Sara Web Analytics Training Course

    Selecta training has the best trainers. They are always available when any student need their assistance. They won’t only train you but also guide you to cash your skills.

      Selecta Training
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